Information to Help You Understand Aoudad Sheep and Aoudad Sheep Hunting in Texas


The aoudad sheep are known to have originated from the Barbary Coast, and Atlas mountains of northern Africa and are also known as Barbary sheep.  The sheep were initially introduced into Texas in the late 1950s in the Chinati and Glass mountains.  After that, there were several other releases in the same vicinity and other regions around here, after the realization that the specialist would survive well in that environment.  The reasoning was correct because there are now over 15,000 aoudad sheep that are free ranging in this environment.


Aoudad sheep have been seen to have an anatomy that is similar to that of sheep as well as that of goats.   Most of the moisture that these animals consume is from the succulent cactus species, and they can, therefore, survive in areas with little or no natural water resources with hot and arid environments.  Some animals can quickly adapt to a new place, and they have fantastic eyesight. Read more info about hunting and view here!


 Hunting is done in the vast acres of land for the aoudad sheep.   There are multiple ranches that one can do the hunting from depending on what one prefers.   The Hunter may be guided by factors such as the lodges that they would prefer to stay in during the hunting period, availability of modern amenities, and the location of the lodges.   The availability of high grounds from where one can view the sheep during hunting can also be a guiding aspect in making the selection.


 Good physical shape is a requirement for the hunter so that they can improve their chances of getting a mature ram during the hunt.   It is necessary that one be prepared to go long distances before they can reach their goal.  The company with which you will take the hunting trip can affect your experience.   It is necessary that the guides with whom you go out to hunt are familiar with the hunting skills and the areas of hunting, and they can help you in the process of taking down the best aoudad sheep.   Success will only be reached if the hunter remains focused and patient, as they go through the thousands of acres accompanied by extreme conditions so that they can get to hunt down a ram which is usually the target of hunting. Learn more at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/hunting.


Hunters need to acquire a Texas hunting license so that they can participate in the hunting.  The hunting can go on all year round, but the fall and winter seasons are the best for aoudad sheep hunting.


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